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Why I Started Writing (Again)

Why I Started Writing (Again)

At quite a young age, I realized I had the potential to write but never really made anything out of it. I remember keeping diaries and journals and just writing in them. I did not know what I was doing, all I knew was just to write and offload my thoughts into a book. Years after, somewhere in 2015, I decided to attempt writing again after a couple of friends had advised me to. It was not until 2016, after going through a very dark phase in my life (a story for another day ;) that I decided to start writing. I created a blog on Blogspot and went ahead to make a few posts. ‌

‌Fast forward to a few months after, I had outgrown the situation that pushed me to start the blog. I looked back and did not like the resentful and bitter person I was,  as it reflected in my writings. I decided to delete the blog altogether, intending to come back better and greater someday; and it did not happen until now; four years later!‌

‌Within these four years, I have always wanted a reason to write and be very intentional about it. I have done other forms of formal writings and I realized I got better and better with time. However, when it came to blogging or writing for myself, I waited for that perfect time to feel ready, but it never came. All this while, it dawned on me that 'you'll never feel ready if you wait for the right time'.  And even now, I don't feel ready enough,but I have decided to start anyway.

After making up my mind to take up blogging again, I decided to adopt certain habits to get myself ready

  1. Reading
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For some strange reason, I read less as I grew up. I remember reading a lot as a child. As i decided to start this blog, I had to reprogram my mind to take up reading seriously especially reading outside of my academic work. It was hard at first, but with consistency and dedication, it got easier. As Stephen King put in his book, On Writing... “The real importance of reading is that it creates an ease and intimacy with the process of writing… Constant reading will pull you into a place… where you can write eagerly and without self-consciousness.”  Note that there isn't really any formula. We are all different; find a strategy that works for you and stick to it.

Writing every day:

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To get better at writing and finding ease in the process, I decided to write every day. It is very hard especially when you do not have any specifics and you write on everything and anything . It however offers me the opportunity to process information i have consumed throughout the day and express my thoughts and perspectives on them. The writing process has gotten easier by the day with practice.

These are the two main habits I adopted to prepare myself to write again. There are others, but I believe these two are very fundamental to any writer or aspiring writer.

Why I have chosen to write                                                                                           Aside the inclination to write, i needed reasons to do so. I read around and these three run through almost all the materials i found ;

  1. Writing helps to crystallize your thoughts and helps  to put them in a logical order.
  2. If you write for a targeted audience, writing can give you a different perspective as you tend to put yourself beside and put yourself in the targeted reader's mind.
  3. Writing is becoming a sought after skill in our day even as the digital age is upon us.

Now that i have my reasons, here's what to expect; I'd like this blog to primarily be a lifestyle blog, where I'll share lessons I've learnt in my little time on earth as well as my experiences and opinions on various subjects. Occasionally, you'll have a glimpse into my faith journey. With my background in law and interests in finance and economics, I'll be writing on those two areas as well. I'm no pro in any of these areas but I find writing as a way to express my opinions as well as exercising my intellect and understanding in those areas.

‌Your feedback is very important to me. Reach out, like and share and expect amazing content. Ciaoooo

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